A Fresh Start for the Yogi in Japan

Good morning dear yogis, yoginis, and those yet to make up their minds ^v^

As I write this, the Blue Moon is just about finishing its rare appearance.

Blue Moons appear every three years or so and they complete an energetic cycle,

which makes them an ending point for a three year period.

In my generally individualized, fast-paced modern city life,

its rather challenging to wrap my head around the idea of a three year cycle,

and one that applies to the whole planet, as we are all effected by the moon’s energy.

But when I really did look back at the past three years, which I had the fortune of doing in a recent yoga retreat

with my friend and teacher Elie Prana, I found that there has been a kind of theme to the past three years,

and now I am ready for a new one.

Starting this blog, which has been on the back-burner for months, is my public statement that there is

a new moon rising. To start the cycle, which may last around 3 years, off right, I set my intention.

My Intention

To devote my time and energy, purely and entirely,

as a yogi in my own personal practice,

as an teacher, coordinator, and writer, sharing my passion and my knowledge with the local and international communities,

as a woman living true to her heart.

I invite you to take this precious post-Blue Moon time to set an intention for your next cycle.

Even if you don’t fully believe or understand how it all works, you can tap into the energy available.

I say this because that was my situation – I didn’t understand all of the concepts that I have been

studying with my teachers over the past few years, but rather just experiencing them.

And those experiences have allowed me to develop deeper awareness, and recently clearer understanding.

If you want some ideas for how to set an intention, I have personally found Deepak Chopra’s writings and

guided meditations very helpful: http://www.chopra.com/ccl/5-steps-to-setting-powerful-intentions

I hope you will join me on the wild and unchartered ride ahead, and please take time to share your feelings,

comments, questions, or requests.

I look forward to sharing so much with you!

With love and light,


A really accessible moon calendar:


If you are interested in the energy of the Blue Moon and astrology, read more here:


If you are more into astronomy, please read this:


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