AcroVinyasa Teacher Training in Bali ~ Embarking on the journey in gratitude and with joy

Falling in Love with FallingIMG_1132

I remember the day clearly, a warm September afternoon on the lake in Hakone in 2013. I was at the True Nature Yoga Retreat and on a whim I decided to join the Acrovinyasa workshop. My good friend Amanda and I had played around with the idea of practicing acroyoga, but it was actually my first time taking a class.

Our teacers, Claudine and Honza Lafond, opened the class with exercises that emphasized joy and trust, which is really important when you are holding a perfect stranger upside down over a cement pier. As they demonstrated a variety of poses, and then invited us to practice them, the seemingly impossible formations became reality. All of us left that class having done something we had never done before, and being genuinely surprised by our ability to do so. That rush, that sense of overcoming physical constraints and mental barriers filled my heart with a feeling that I liken to falling in love. I ran back to my group and proclaimed that I had to find acroyoga buddies, that this work was too awesome not to practice and share.

IMG_1136Today, I am embarking on a 10-day Acrovinyasa Teacher Training course, the next step of a journey that was sparked by that morning in Hakone. I am not exactly sure where this will take me or how my practice of AcroVinyasa will unfold, but I know that this experience will have a great impact on my life.

AcroVinyasa at Yoga Beyond!acrovinyasa/cd2t

Expressing my Gratitude 

What I am sure of is the deep gratitude and good fortune that I feel being able to take part in this training. I was reflecting the other day on all of the education that I have received in my life, from preschool through university, graduate school, and then most recently my yoga trainings. All of these experiences have been incredibly valuable and have shaped me. Simply having the time, space, and money to study, to spend time improving yourself, ideally in a field that excites, inspires, and moves you to action, is a fantastic gift. I am reminded of all the people, including many children, who for rIMG_8259easons beyond their control don’t have access to education at all, let alone the education of their choice. As well, the majority of adults also forfeit the chance to continue their own studies due to familial and societal duties.

I feel compelled to remind myself of how lucky I am  because the process of learning can sometimes be tedious or yet more difficult to swallow, it forces you to view yourself in a new light, unearthing your weaknesses. That is when the true learning takes place, and for this chance I feel incredibly grateful! Not to mention that I am spending 10 days in the paradise known as Bali, at an eco-tourism resort, the Bloo Lagoon in Karamgasem.

I am also deeply appreciate all of the friends and colleagues who have helped make it possible for me to be absent from my work duties for 2 weeks. Equally as important, I would like to extend my thanks to the friends, students, and colleagues who have been supportive and encouraging. I greatly look forward to sharing all my insights and joy with you soon! I hope you all have a fulfilling two weeks, for we can learn, be inspired, and experience joy and appreciation everyday.

With laughter and light



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