AcroVinyasa Teacher Training – Part 1 The Road to Bali is paved with Kimchi

Hello Yoga enthusiasts and supportive friends!


My Bathroom in Paradise

Thank you again for taking the time to check out my blog!  I hope you write a comment if you find something interesting or helpful. I am currently writing from the comfort of my eco-villa in Bali, feeling like a proper warrior princess – warrior as my body aches from my Acrovinyasa training and princess because the mosquito nets make it look like a princess’s bed.
The road here was a little harder than I had imagined – a volcano eruption near Bali sent ash into the sky, which forced airlines to cancel flights for days. My flight from Seoul was cancelled, and what was supposed to be a 14 hour trip, took 3 days.
In those 3 days, some magically beautiful things occurred – I had a lovely and informative meeting with my boyfriend’s family in Seoul, I befriended several people whose flights had been cancelled and we all made the trek to Jakarta together, and I confirmed my resolve to join the Acrovinyasa training. I felt as if that extra time in limbo was meant for me to reassess my desire to do this training. As well, it was a test for me to stay calm and happy inside despite the unfortunate events outside. On top of that, it gave my boyfriend and I a moment to communicate effectively about an underlying issue and a chance to feel his love and support for me to follow my passion. For these reasons, I am genuinely grateful for these days!
I am so happy to be here at the Acrovinyasa training – it is as hard (perhaps harder) as I imagined, with 6 plus hours of rigorous practice everyday and teaching practice as well. Of the group, I am relatively new to acroyoga, and I do feel like I have a lot to learn, and so fortunate to have so many patient and warm teachers.
3 days in, and I am constantly amazed by the excellence in teaching that our main teachers, Claudine and Honza demonstrate, as well as the incredible energy that they bring to our classes, and the supportive and fun filled atmosphere they have created. I have been thoroughly enjoying the past few days, getting to know the other participants, and becoming more familiar with the air asanas.
I feel that now is the time to ramp up my practice at this training so that I can become the teacher that I aim to be. Today we talked about and practiced visualisation and how it can be used to help with achieving ones goals. I promise to actively use visualization (plus lots and lots of fully conscious practice) to become that teacher in just 5.5 days!


Morning meditation space

I hope to post more updates and fantastic photos of my practice soon, so please check back!
I wish you all find the joy and passion in your daily work – no matter what we do, when do it with our whole heart we are contributing something powerful and beautiful into the world, and getting back double!
With love and light

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