Acrovinyasa Training Part 2 – Saying YES!

Days 4 and 5

IMG_9021 2

Boat, based by Dini

I finally feel like a part of the group, quickly getting to know the other members, especially my practice teaching group, the Peaceful Warriors.

Everyday, we have practice teaching in our groups. We switch around the pairs, so that we have a chance to work with different co-teachers, learning how to work with different styles. Today I paired with Doris, and for the first time felt like I was really teaching – in the sense that I was sharing my knowledge and my enthusiasm for the practice with the class.
The practice is getting more difficult, with inversions and kneeling poses, and I am basing more! The harder it gets, the harder I am working which is a good sign. As Claudine always says, I am saying YES to my practice, to my training, and to my life.
And that feels amazing!!
IMG_9080 2

Double Whale, based by Lauren

 I feel so grateful for all of the members of my group for helping me every practice teach, giving me pointers about how to do the poses, giving feedback on my teaching, and inspiring me to be a better practitioner and teacher!

Day 6 – Our final teaching assessment


Amit and Ali in a Supported Shoulderstand

A little alcohol seemed to do me well, as I was feeling loose and light for my practice teach today. Other trainees said it is useful for taking care of our sore muscles and we are all so sore! Just because we are all training so hard!
Today we did the crow series – Crow to One-legged crow to Shoulderstand to Stag. As a fan of the crow pose, this was my kind of sequence! During the spotting demo, I even based it, with some difficulty. But hey, that is a part of the practice ^v^
I was paired with Amit for practice teaching, whom I was paired with on the very first day. It was wonderful to be paired with him again as I could experience our transformation from being shy and uncertain to being fun and supportive teachers! If I do say so myself we did an excellent job today, and had a great time doing it! We even made fun of our teachers a little ^v^
I want to thank Amit for teaching me not to limit anyone’s possibility for growth –
we are capable of growing and changing, endlessly and unexpectedly.
If you can think it, you can do it!
IMG_9086 2

Our amazing teacher, the incomparable Claudine!


SsF Alter Eagle by Doris and Nadia


S2F Child’s Pose, Spotted by Tiffany

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