Acrovinyasa Training Part 3 – Rebirth

On Becoming More Gracious and Graceful

This training has reminded me of how I can be self-consciopeaceful warriorsus,
as well as my tendency to compare myself to other people. Normally, I feel very fit and strong, and confident, but when grouped with a bunch of yoga teachers, I started to feel not fit or strong enough. Instead of that feeling making me retreat, as I have done in the past, I allowed it to push me harder, try my best to get what I want. I started really giving 100 percent, and mirroring what I saw in others that I liked.
IMG_9279 2Gracefulness is a quality that I feel very attracted to and interested in attracting more of into my life. To be graceful, in movement, in speech, in lifestyle, makes one’s life more artistic, more beautiful, and somehow more peaceful. However, it must be effortless, natural in order to be graceful, for if it is overproduced it ceases to be grace. I suppose mindfulness is useful in the process of cultivating grace. I am starting with pointing or flointing my toes in poses!

Practice, practice, and Be ready for anything!

As our training came to a close, I felt ever more focused, confident, clear. My purpose, and my path are taking shape and I feel more motivated to take on the challenges that will ensue on my journey.I felt a kind of ease, easing into my new self I suppose, my new path.
On the day before we said goodbye, we had a teaching test and a written test. At first, I was a little nervous about the content of the test, and I thought about which part of the class I would have to teach. Then I remembered my teacher’s good advice – focus on the present, on what you are doing, and you will be ready for what comes next. I also remembered that it is best to stay open to all options and not write anything off. Later when I spoke to a Communal Lovefriend, her comment affirmed this thought. She had told herself that she didn’t want to teach a certain part, and that is just the part that she got! That’s how it works – we get what we need, not always what we THINK we want.
So we finished our tests, we enjoyed a yoga photo shoot on the beach, and then it was time to celebrate, with drinks and food and a little live music!! I even sang a slightly reggaic version of “Sweet Child of Mine”. It was a day of fun and letting go which was perfect after a week filled with high energy and high tension.
On the last day, we all took part in an eye gazing ceremony which sealed our connection and made us all love each other a bit more. I felt connected to each soul in a new way, and I was touched to tears on a few occasions. It was a truly profound experience, and I am so grateful to my teachers and all the other participants for giving me the chance to take part.
And now, I am a certified AcroVinyasa teacher!! So, more practice!!
If anyone is inspired to practice with me, please contact me!
IMG_9333 IMG_9339 IMG_9320 2
Thank you all for your support!!! I feel loved and all is well!!
Look forward to new classes and workshops in the new year!!
With Love and Light,

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