First in Nagoya – AcroVinyasa @ Shonan Shyz in Kamimaezu   上前津の湘南シャイズヨガスタジオで、名古屋*初*アクロヴィニャサ・クラス!


Are you ready to FLY?!?!!! 飛ぶ準備、OK?!!!?!!

Back from Bali and ready to spread the love of Acrovinyasa. Classes start this Sunday, 12/6, 5pm-6:10 at Shonan Shyz Studio in Kamimaezu.


All classes are always 1000 yen, so why not? We may even go for dinner or drinks afterward. After all, Acroyoga is all about community!


No need to bring a partner, just bring an open mind and a thirst to try something new, feel something new. Bring a mat too, to avoid the 300 yen charge.


Reserve・予約 tel: 052-253-5515    mail:

Studio Website:

Class Blog info:

Communal Love


What is Acrovinyasa?

Acrovinyasa is a trademarked style of yoga created by the founders of Sydney based Yoga Beyond, Claudine and Honza Lafond. It combines solo vinyasa practice, pair inversion training, and acroyoga in groups of 3 people. Every “air asana” has a corresponding “earth asana” which is practiced during the solo vinyasa practice. This allows our bodies to learn the shape of the pose before taking flight. Acrovinyasa aims to put the yoga back in acroyoga by firmly connecting the air and earth asanas.

Acrovinyasa emphasizes community, communication, and connection. You don’t have to come with a partner, only an open mind and a willingness to try to new things. Everyone will learn to fly, base, and spot, enjoying all aspects of the acroyoga practice. Every class will offer a chance to try something you’ve never done before in a safe, warm, and supportive environment. Please come to experience an exhilarating form of yoga.




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