The Beginner’s Mind: My First Pole Dance Class


One of my new year’s resolutions is to try pole dancing, so on Wednesday I took a trial lesson at ANNJEWEL in Sakae. And entered the school that day!

Why pole dancing you ask? IMG_0606

  1. It’s a great workout
  2. It looks fun and challenging
  3. It makes me feel sexy
  4. It’s something completely new that I have never tried before

Years of doing yoga has made me proficient at yoga, but I felt it was time for a new challenge. I have been interested in dance for the past year, but didn’t have a chance to practice. So, this time, I took my chance and tried it – more because I believe it is good to try new things that attract me than for any other reason. The result – lots of fun and sore muscles!

As a rule for life, I like to try new things regularly. This helps me remain in a state of Beginner’s Mind as it is called in Zen Buddhism – a state of eagerness, acceptance, and lacking preconceptions.

When we get used to an activity, or a person or situation, we start to expect things, and we may become arrogant; we think we know it so well. We also may lose enthusiasm toward that activity or person because we think we know it so well; we assume there is nothing new or exciting about it anymore.

It’s valuable to keep the mind fresh, to remember that there is always something new to learn, because people, situations, and ourselves are constantly changing!

I am planning to join classes weekly, so look forward to hearing about my pole dancing adventures! And if you are interested, let’s go together someday ^v^

What new thing are you going to try this month? Don’t hesitate, just do it!

2016 年の新年抱負の一つは、ポールダンスを挑戦することなので、水曜日に栄のANNJEWELのスタジオで初のレッスンに参加しました。そのまま、入会しちゃった!なぜポールダンスというと、

  1. いい運動になる
  2. 楽しそうで面白そうに見える
  3. セクシーな気持ちになる
  4. 全く新しい、やったことのないもの











One thought on “The Beginner’s Mind: My First Pole Dance Class

  1. nagako says:

    うさぎの気持ちで練習します(^ Q ^)/


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