Endings to Appreciate

Hello Yogis!!

It has been too long since I last wrote, almost 2 months. I guess it has been a fast and busy and life changing 2 months, but I do apologise for the absence. I will briefly return to February to end one story, before I begin the next one.

Though my last 2 months in Japan were relatively free, as I had far fewer classes than usual, I was so busy mentally. I could not seem to find any mental space to plan for my new life in Atlanta, and at first this made me feel really inefficient. I wanted to hit the ground running in Atlanta, already have things figured out, yoga studios to go to, maybe even a job.  Then my good friend Mandy told me a very appropriate story about campfires.

She does a lot of camping, and so she knows all about camping. When you go camping, you have to build up a campfire. You collect wood, use fuel, prepare the area, and then make a fire that will last through the night. Then, when you leave a campsite, you put the fire out.  At the next site you visit, you have to start making a campfire from scratch, all over again. You can’t just carry a campfire from one site to the next; that would be ridiculous! And dangerous.

I also kept remembering the Japanese saying, 終わりがよければ、すべて良し (All’s well that end’s well). Ending things properly is very valuable, and it became my sole focus.

So I spent February and March putting out the fire that I had worked for 1 year, and in some cases 12 years to build. I tried to maintain presence in all occasions, to make those last hours with each person, in each place special and memorable. Those goodbyes brought back so many great memories that we had shared. Thinking that those times would be over did make me feel nostalgic, but more importantly made me realize how much I appreciate all those people.

Then I realized that every goodbye was just another moment together, that I need not worry about making it the best, but merely appreciating it. As they say, 一期一会 (One time, one meeting)

Thank you to all of my dear friends and students for making out time together so sweet. Looking forward to the next time! じゃ、また!


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