Yoga Training New York Style Part 1


On August 1st, I embarked on the next step in my path as a yogi. I started a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at the Joschi Yoga Institute in NYC. That means, after my training I can become a registered Yoga Alliance teacher. I am thrilled at the chance to be able to teach here in the US.

The truth is, I have been teaching yoga at yoga studios and other places in Japan for 2 years now, but teaching in the US tends to require a Yoga Alliance, or a well recognized Yoga school’s certification to teach. Yoga Alliance has kind of become a monopoly in the yoga world. Even in Japan, increasingly Yoga Alliance certification is becoming necessary to teach yoga in a variety of settings.

At first I thought, Why do I need to go through an EXTRA training, even though I already know how to teach yoga? Then, I remembered a great lesson from Yoga:

Every obstacle is an opportunity.

This training is a chance for me to deepen my practice, to experience new teachers and ways of teaching, to meet other practitioners, and perhaps even help them on their path. How awesome is that?

So far, me and four other ladies have been learning, practicing, and getting to know each other for 2 weeks. We are in class Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm, so this is the most intense study experience I have had since High School!! The intensity is just what I needed, helping me piece together and deepen my understanding of many of the concepts I have learned over the years.


Every day, I feel like I have learned something new, from my three amazing and honest teachers, and from the other trainees. The most unfamiliar material has been the Anatomy study, which is just what I needed!! We also have a lot of time to practice teach, create our own sequences and think about how to teach poses, which is so helpful.

I chose this studio because I joined their Naked Yoga class a year ago, and was totally impressed by the experience; the teaching, the atmosphere, the philosophy.  I thought that I would like to be like the teacher,  confident and energetic, who connects with her students and creates a friendly and fun atmosphere.

In the past two weeks, I have been humbled and wowed, felt tired and grateful. All opportunities to learn are truly gifts that we can transform into tools to use in our lives. As my teacher Joschi says, Yoga is a tool of transformation, so this learning is particularly useful for life. Change is certain and constant. Therefore, by learning how to understand and deal with change in ourselves, we can better deal with it in the world around us.

That’s why I am thrilled to be a yoga teacher and share these teachings with others.

Thank you for reading about my experience! I hope to share more in the next two weeks. For now, please wish me good luck for my training.

Please take a look at my comments about the Yoga Sutras in Inspirational Books and Words. If you have read them and are interested in discussing, please feel free to email me at

With love and light,

Ali Rose


8月1日に米ヨガアライアンスの200時間ヨガ・インストラクター・トレーニングを Joschi Yoga Institute NYC で始めました。このトレーニングはヨーギとしての道の次の歩みで、とてもワクワクしています!これを修了してから、アメリカでヨガの先生としてはば広く活躍します!










ヨガスートラにかんしての感想文を Inspirational Books and Words でアップしていますので、英語ですが、興味のあるかたはぜひどうぞ!それについて話したいかたは までメールでお願いします!


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