First EVER Yoga Studio Audition


Yoga Studio Audition – Practice in Being Present

After the intensive, I set my sites on Corepower.

My goal: To pass my audition and get on the schedule teaching at least 5 classes a week.

If you want to achieve something, you have to do the work. So for 2 weeks, I went to classes, taught myself the sequence, literally immersed myself in Corepower for the audition.

As with any big interview, I prepared my outfit the day before. I made sure I looked neat and presentable, prepared my notes and the training book. I went to a detoxifying hot yoga class in the afternoon, to help me feel clear and relaxed. Then I took a shower. With 30 minutes before I had to leave, I was just getting out of the shower when the emergency alarm went off and signalled everyone to quickly vacate the building! Really.

I think it took me a total of 4 minutes to get out the door. (1 minute was spent on deliberating over whether or not to take the cats to the audition. In the end, I left them, praying that it wasn’t a devastating fire.)  After talking with some neighbours who assured me that it was most likely a mistake, I made my way to the studio. The emergency exit forced me to leave ahead of schedule, giving me lots of time to get to the audition and settle in. As well, experiencing something vaguely life threatening allowed me to put the audition in perspective. I dare say that fake emergency was a  little gift from my angels!

I arrived at the studio early, though I was not the first. Finally, all 11 of us gathered, friendly faces with whom I had shared the intensive weekend with. We started off introducing ourselves to the 4 studio managers and area manager, explaining why we wished to work at Corepower. Next, we took part in a roleplay exercise where we simulated speaking to a new client. Corepower prides itself on teacher-student connections. They foster this by having teachers greet students at the reception desk, which is really different from most yoga studios. Rather than a simple “How are you doing?”, teachers are encouraged to probe a little deeper, especially with first time students. I quite enjoyed this aspect of the audition as I do love getting to know people.

Then, the teaching part. We set up in class as we normally would. Alicia, the warm and friendly area manager, called out our names and the sequence to teach. At first, she went in order from left to right, so I calculated when my turn would be. This kept me in a semi-nervous state, so at some point I decided to stop thinking.  Confident in my knowledge of the sequence and my ability to teach yoga, I started enjoy my practice. When my name was called, I called out the poses and the cues, watched my students and cued accordingly. I demo-ed crow, one of my favorite poses, and I remembered, I am a yoga teacher. After my turn, I sent warm and loving wishes to my fellow yogis.

I was struck by the shift in energy inside myself when my focus changed from the future to the present. What a beautiful yogi lesson! In the words of Pattabhi Jois, “Practice, and all is coming”.

Goal Achieved (for now)

4 days later, I read those welcoming words that I had passed my audition! I was so happy and excited to start teaching again. It has been nearly 6 months since I left my regular yoga classes in Japan. Perhaps because of the long absence, but I had stopped feeling like a yoga teacher. It speaks to the necessity for practice, no matter what it is, to stay engaged with what you are doing.

I must say, it feels good, to have passed the audition, to be recognized as a yoga teacher here in my new city, and to be able to start teaching!!

Now, I am preparing my lessons, practicing at Corepower as much as possible, and preparing myself mentally so that I can dive right in. I feel truly grateful for this opportunity to share yoga, learn from and be a part of the thriving and fun community at Corepower.

I start teaching next week, so stay tuned for posts about my new classes!!


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