Re-learning the Importance of Connection – 1st Month teaching at Corepower コアーパワーヨガの第1ヶ月ーつながりの大切さの再確認


Starting out in a new place as an employee is always a little hard. I find myself being overly self-conscious, wondering if I am making a good impression, if I am stepping on toes, worried that I will make a mistake or forget something important. I felt very intensely how this effected my yoga teaching.

As a teacher, we are expected to hold space, to be encouraging, nurturing, friendly, energetic, teach a well paced 60 minute sequence from memory, make sure the temperature is comfortable, give assists, and keep calm. When I write it out like that, a yoga teacher’s task seems huge and daunting. And that was how it felt, especially the first few classes when I was more worried about not making a mistake than connecting with my students. No student will care if you miss a pose in the sequence, but they will certainly care if you don’t smile when you greet them, or watch them as they practice. Ultimately, that is the goal of each yoga class, but it took me a week to remember that. Once you start to focus on that, all the other stuff seems more simple, it just seems second nature. Because I am a yoga teacher, and I know what to do.



I’ve been listening to a daily meditation by Deepak Chopra and Oprah this past week (they offer these free 3 week trials of their AWESOME meditation series. I would pay for it, but while it’s free…) and it’s all about relationships. If we are talking about relationships, the key word is connection. I was speaking to a lovely smelling lady in a cafe the other day (we started talking because she smelled so good), and we got on the subject of the therapist-client relationship. She, a researcher and speech pathologist, mentioned how the myriad of therapy techniques available are all proven to be effective to similar extents; but the single greatest ingredient in efficacy is the relationship between the therapist and the client, i.e. how connected they feel.  WOW!

So connection has been my theme for the past month.

Now, I have been teaching vinyasa power yoga and hot yoga and Corepower Yoga for the past month, it has been awesome connecting with students and other teachers. Actually, I am a bit of a connection-aholic. I crave it, I need it. That is a big part of why I teach yoga. I feel genuinely grateful for my new home at Corepower Yoga. I love the energy, the chance to interact with other teachers, and the encouragement to grow as a teacher.

Biggest learning chances recently: sequencing for vinyasa classes and playlist making. I have been having lots of fun playing with making sequences that make your body sing, and playlists that are seamless.

I look forward to 2017 with enthusiasm for what may come. I know it will be a year of deepening and expanding, as well as a lot of learning. Bring it on!






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