The Art of Communication with Myself

This week is a really exciting for me as a yoga teacher, and a human. Corepower’s Power Yoga Teacher Training starts this week, and I will be facilitating as a Coach. I have imagined myself leading yoga teacher training for a long time now, and finally I am making the next big step on that path.


Teacher Training Team at Corepower Atlanta Midtown

It doesn’t matter that I am a yoga teacher trainer – I could be a dog trainer – the point is that I am living something that was previously a far off thought, even a dream. I used to think that it was some very special thing to be a yoga teacher trainer, and something that I wasn’t sure if I could be. Now, I realize that becoming a yoga teacher trainer (or anything) simply requires

1. Having an intention – I want to be a yoga teacher trainer

2. Taking steps on that path – Practice, teach, and practice more, from the heart

3. Saying it out loud – Declare to as many people as possible, I am a yoga teacher trainer!     (There is a shift in your mindset, and thus all your actions, when you make “I am” statements.) The dear, wise writer and spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer has some words on this subject.

It’s seems rather fitting that my focus for my next few weeks in class is the 5th chakra, all about communicating your truth. That may be living the life you really believe you want to, or speaking your mind about difficult topics. Communicating our true feelings and thoughts is a powerful action in the world and takes a lot of courage. That is why many of us have trouble doing it. The 5th chakra is connected to our physical throats and ears, and this inability to speak truthfully has been connected with physical problems such as a soar throat or other related illness.

“To listen well is as powerful a means of communication as to talk well.” – John Marshall

This week at home, I had an encounter with my husband that forced me to question my communication skills, my ability to listen compassionately and speak truthfully. I love when that happens – stuff I am focusing on spiritually finds its way into my daily life.

Listening to others is an important skill, but listening to yourself is an art – it requires patience, inspiration, and an open heart. But, it’s also a science – you can improve it through practice and with certain methods. Practicing yoga is a kind of conversation with yourself. In its purest form, you move and breath, and develop awareness of your inner state. Poses show you what you body can do and how you feel in different positions, as well as how you respond to different situations. Breathing and silence in practice helps you tune in with yourself more.

The next 2 weeks of C2 will focus on the 5th chakra, the seat of communication, which is also connected to the 2nd chakra, the home of the emotions. So, we are opening the neck and the hips! The poses and some fun breathing exercises will help you release tension and quite your mind so you can listen to your inner voice, as listening is the first step to good communication.


Half Bound Lotus Tree Pose (Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana) Impressive looking but totally accessible. Helps build strong legs and greater hip mobility. Using a strap around your waist attached to you foot really helps pull your leg up higher.






Toe Stand (Padangusthasana) – Ah this balance borrowed from Bikram yoga is a challenge. You are balancing all your weight on one foot’s toes! Helps develop balance and also flexibility in the feet.







Half Bound Lotus Boat Pose (Ardha Baddha Padma Navasana-maybe)  I bet you are starting to see the theme here! Working through half lotus in a number of different ways to free the hips.



Check out my new playlist, dedicated to the 5th chakra, breath, and listening.


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