About Ali Rose

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My name is Alexandra Rose, and I am originally from New York, lived in Japan for 12 years, and currently call Atlanta, GA my home. I started practicing yoga 15 years ago, and started my path as a yoga teacher 7 years ago.  I have truly been blessed to have received teaching directly from a variety of teachers throughout my journey. I have been greatly influenced by their styles and other yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, gentle healing yoga, Menstrual control yoga, Kundalini, pair yoga, Acroyoga and Raja yoga, which I incorporate into my personal practice and teaching.

Yoga Certification

2016 Joschi Yoga Institute 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, New York, NY

2015 Acrovinyasa Level 1 Teacher Training, Bali, Indonesia

2015 Off the Mat Yoga, Purpose, and Action Leadership Intensive, Omega Institute, NY

2015 Laxmi Yoga Certified Maternity Yoga Instructor Training, Nagoya, JP

2015 Namaste Yoga Academy Raja Yoga Teacher Training, Nagoya, JP

2012 Menstrual Control Yoga Instructor Training, Tokyo, JP

2010-2011  Laxmi Yoga Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor Training, Nagoya JP

Since starting to practice yoga seriously 7 years ago, I have experienced a number of positive results –  losing weight naturally, developing muscle tone and stamina, becoming more confident and more at ease in my own skin. Through yoga, my mind has become more clear and everyday life has become happier, easier, and more successful.

The positive changes I can feel daily and instantly from my yoga practice continually inspire me to learn more and share my passion for this practice, which is ancient while being totally relevant and modern. It is my great wish that I can guide others on this journey, the way I have been so gently guided by my teachers.

Aside from yoga practice and teaching, I love to connect with people and learn about our diverse human society, so I also love traveling and foreign languages.  Volunteer activity is another way that I love to connect with people. The feeling of uniting with people of different backgrounds to accomplish a common goal is addictive!

Currently, I am preparing to enter a graduate school program in Mental Health Counselling at Georgia State University in June 2017, to pursue a career in counselling psychology. My dream, deeply influenced by Carl Jung and many others who have emerged since, is to use the teachings of yoga and Eastern philosophy combined with study of Western psychology and counselling to reach a more integrative style of therapy and coaching that treats and elevates the whole human.  I hope to become instrumental in the application of these concepts to youth education and rehabilitation, increasing our society’s social and emotional fluency.

I look forward to practicing with you, on the mat or off the mat, soon!




Ali Roseと言います。アメリカ、ニューヨーク市出身で、12年ぐらい日本に住んでいます。ヨガを始まったのは14年前に、最近の2年間は英語と日本語でヨガを指導しています。経験したヨガの種類は多くて、パワーヨガを始め、優しいヒーリングヨガ、月経コントロールヨガ,ペアヨガ、瞑想も実践しています。


2011年、Laxmi 公認ヨガのインストラクター養成コース専科修了


2015年、Namaste Yoga Academy インストラクター養成コース修了


2015年、 Off the Mat インストラクター養成コース修了

2015年、AcroVinyasa Level 1 インストラクター養成コース修了

2016年、Joschi Yoga Institute 200時間ヴィンヤサ・ヨガ・インストラクター養成コース修了